For more than 25 years Voxtream has delivered unique telecommunications products and services to government agencies and large corporate customers both in Denmark and on the international market.


The company was founded in 1988 under the name Partner Electric, and was the inventor of the world’s first Least-Cost-Router. During the 90’s and 2000’s Voxtream became a recognised ISDN-specialist, and later, when the IP-technology was introduced, a well-renowned IP-specialist as well.


Today, Voxtream is using it’s years of experience on the telecom market, to develop solutions for making cheap international calls and avoiding expensive roaming charges – for private users and businesses alike.




The team behind Voxtream is an experienced group of business professionals, that has been involved in numerous enterprises, ranging from small startups to some of the largest corporations in Denmark. The team is well established and has worked together in different constellations for approximately 10 years.


Thomas Bruno Pedersen is partner and CEO in the Danish venture capital company, FirmaInvest, that succesfully has invested numerous Danish SME companies, including Kiloo, a company developing computer games for well-known brands as LEGO and Commedore, IDhair, which is the leading Danish hair wax product, and also Voxtream. Thomas Bruno Pedersen has a broad experience in private banking and has among other leading positions been head of Danske Bank’s Merchant Bank Private for 7 years, and is the former co-owner/partner in the largest private banking company in Denmark, Formuepleje. After a exiting Formulepleje, Thomas Bruno Pedersen has focused on bringing growth to small and medium sized enterprises in the context of FirmaInvest. In Voxtream Thomas Bruno Pedersen’s expertise has been invaluable in regards to financial and strategic concelling, and securing the needed funding for the project to succeed.

Thomas Bruno Pedersen


Thomas Eriksson is an e-concept designer and user experience specialist who has been working both as a consultant and an entrepreneur in his field. Prior to joining the Voxtream team, Thomas Eriksson was the co-founder and CEO at T.A.K.E., a concept and design company that delivered software solutions to customer’s like the Danish health authorities, and Voxtream. Thomas Eriksson has won several prizes and competitions in the discipline of e-concepts. In Voxtream he is responsible for the task of generating an intuitive and seamless user experience for the customer’s, and for formulating and executing the company’s marketing strategy.

Thomas Eriksson

User Experience Design and Marketing

As a seasoned serial entrepreneur, Runi Hammer has over the decade co-founded and worked as CEO for several tech startups across various industries, including artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and telecom. Among the companies he has co-founded are A2I Systems, a company utilizing artificial intelligence to set the optimal gasoline price for the largest gas company in Denmark, and is currently expanding to other European and North American markets, and AmiNIC, a business that has developed a food sensor, that can predict the remaining shelf life of meat. In Voxtream, Runi Hammer has invented the new VoxIP concept, and thus rebooting the company from being ISDN/IP experts to being a provider of global anti-roaming services. Runi Hammer has originally studied theology at Århus Universitet, Denmark, where his specialties were postmodernism and nihilism. His thoughts on innovation in a nihilistic context has been presented on TEDxOdense and is available on YouTube.

Runi Hammer


With a background as software developer Rune Lyngbach Jensen has worked on projects for the Danish health care services, tourist agencies, private companies, and most resently Voxtream. Rune Lyngbach Jensen was the lead programmer at T.A.K.E. - the company that initially developed the Voxtream mobile application. In Voxtream Rune Lyngbach Jensen is responsible for the development of the mobile application (iOS, Android and Windows Phone), the VoxIP3 backend/database, and the frontend to the VoxIP3 platform. He has been heavily involved with the development of the first prototype of the VoxIP3 solution and is therefore familiar with every aspect of the new VoxIP3 platform that is to be developed in the project ahead.

Rune Lyngbach Jensen


Troels Kryger Aggerholm has been head of projects at Firmainvest since 2007, and has been on the board of several of Firmainvests projects, for instance EMENTO, that delivers services to the health sector, and Liso Logistics, a Danish transport and logistics company operating world wide. Troels Kryger Aggerholm is also a board member at Voxtream and has been contributing to the company’s commercial strategy and is the day-to-day link between the company and its principal investor. Troels Kryger Aggerholm has a master’s degree in finance from Århus University, Denmark, and has prior to his work at FirmaInvest been a financial controller at TDC, the largest Danish telecom company. He has also worked as an analyst at Formuepleje.

Troels Kryger Aggerholm

Board Member

Jan Maltha is a well experienced software engineer, who has been working in the telecom industry for more than 30 years, and has been working at Voxtream since 1990 being lead programmer on several of Voxtreams early products, including the original VoxIP2 software that is the point of origin for the current VoxIP3 project. His expertise in ISDN and IP telecom has put him at the center of several telecom related projects for three dacades. Thus, the most popular landline phone in Denmark, the Kirk Delta model, is running on software developed by Jan Maltha. Likewise, he has been working on the first internet modems developed in Denmark. In Voxtream, Jan Maltha is expert on telecom and is responsible for IP/VoIP development, and backend programming.

Jan Maltha

Software Engineer